Best for East/West


Mounting solution for East/West oriented solar on flat roofs.


Easy and quick installation, without mounting rails and without roof penetration.


Product overview FS10

Solar on flat roof

Modular Photovoltaic Mountingsystem

The mounting solution FS10 is ideal for back to back solar PV arrays on flat roofs. The modular solar system opens up new perspectives for solar planning, pv-project development, photovoltaic installation, trading and commerce.

Product overview: 

Without rails

Railless solar mounting solution for flatroof without railing

Using posts as mounting elements and setting rails aside gives you great advantages in planning and installation of the FS10 system. Going without rails assures free water drainage and compensates potential interferences caused by thermal expansion.

Few components

Few components & quick installation

The FS10 consists of four components only. For assembling the FS10 mounting solution, a 13mm combination wrench is the only tool needed. Many additional and optional components allow individual and ideal configuration of your next solar project.

 The PV mounting solution FS10 consists of four main components only: crown, post, mounting base and a building protection mat.

 Product overview:

East/West Solar with FS10